Ayurveda Wellness, Healing and Mentorship takes spiritual inspiration from the subtleties of nature with its own specialized Ayurvedic specialist Panchakarma  therapies and traditional  energy medicines sourced from India. Our treatments include Ancient Ayurveda therapies like Shirodhara,  Abhyanga, Synchronised Abhyangasnana, Chakra Balancing Massage; Eye therapies; and Head and Back therapies passed down from gurus throughout time.   


Stress; couple reconnections; money, health blockages are worked on using treatments ranging from exclusive bespoke  energy healing treatments which take place in a spiritual place of wellbeing to guided meditation, Kirtan , Readings and New Moon Ceremonies, Sound Healing and Spiritual Wellbeing.

Choose a one time Ayurvedic massage or work with a range of bespoke healing treatments to achieve your goals and dreams.

Meet Su Ram

My name is Supraja Ram but people call me Su.  Born into an orthodox  family of Brahmin healers and priests;  I have been practising the ancient art of Ayurveda for many years and also offer traditional healing, chakra balancing, fire rituals, mentorships and couple tantric treatments.  I am on a spiritual journey of self enlightenment which started many years ago in my home village in South India - I now live and practice in leafy Royal Tunbridge Wells.    

I developed my Ayurvedic massage, Healing, Meditation experience from a very young age being blessed by my family Gurus. It has always been my calling to take the Ancient Healing teachings to the West; with this as my aim I manifested, met and married my current husband whilst I still lived in India.  Two years ago my daughter and I moved to the UK. I run my business from what is now a beautiful and spiritual home studio and treatment rooms.  My treatments are reflexive and even I work with my Gurus in India and take regular trips back home to develop my skills.  A determination to share enlightenment and bring peace and clarity to my clients means enabling you to move forward in their lives; you can achieve health, wealth and spiritual enlightenment and I am here to guide you on your journey.




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