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Female-only Tantric Massage

Why Should I be Unhappy?

Every Parcel of my being

is in full bloom...... Rumi

The female is losing her naturally gifted Kundalini power as she is caught up in the spiral of modern life. 

 If you believe you are  not in control of  your own life and  your sensuality is hidden under daily demands;  you need to make time to awaken your  inner goddess with either a 2 hour massage experience or one of our retreats. 


Each Tantric Guidance is unique to your energy. You are met by our experienced staff with oils and a drink . After a chat and meditation you are ready for the massage. You end with a steam and  review of your experience.

This massage will remind  you of your power and  awaken the energy that lies dormant within you. 

  The day or half day retreat is tailored to your requirements  .

Planning for a date or preparing for your wedding.  Reconnecting with your partner.  Gift your partner with a renewed sensuality. 

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