Massage using ethically sourced Essential Oils

The French Model promotes taking essential oils internally and  was advocated by several prominent aromatherapists, including Jean Valnet, Paul Belaiche, and Henri Viaud. Essential oils can have great effect when used internally. The French Model is highly successful in the area of health maintenance. When used with caution, internal use can safely address specific areas of need.

The confusion surrounding the internal use of essential oils is largely based on a lack of knowledge. Even though ample literature supporting the internal use of essential oils exists, most aromatherapy training programs do not teach this mode. Many aromatherapy programs adhere to the belief that ingestion of all essential oils is toxic, which is simply not true, as supported by the US Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. Toxic reactions are the result of taking contaminated oils or taking excessive doses. 

At Azhagi Wellness we only use 100% pure essential oils.  We are lead by the French Model; however, if you are not comfortable with ingesting the oils you are still able to benefit from massage and the smells of the oils.  The fastest way to the nervous system is through the nose.

We offer back and head massage using essential oils.  Our layering massage concentrates on the back and head. After a consult we will put together a protocol which uses a number of oils recommended specifically for you.

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