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Stephanie Godliman

I have been having beauty treatments and spiritual healing sessions with Amba for almost 3 years now. Each time it is a fantastic experience. She intuitively knows what I need, and is a kind and empathetic healer. I have found the sessions I have had with her to be very powerful and transformative. Thank you so much, Amba!



Amba is amazing. She has held space for me whenever I needed it and guided me through my journey in the best way I could have had. She has been there for me for a long time. She healings, prayers and rituals are very powerful. She knows very well what she does and can you help find your path and journey. You will be in great hands with her. Trust her and transform your life. Highly recommend her


Stephen Laurie

What a fantastic experience. I felt very welcomed by Ambakali and Deborah and throughout the experience they made me feel completely at ease. I say experience, as this isn't just any old massage, you really are made to feel special. Looking forward to taking this journey further.I would highly recommend anyone to try this.Thanks guys.


Alan Bawden

The best full body massage I have ever had, a true body and soul treat. Amba Kali and Deborah were super attentive and the entire experience was incredibly relaxing. Highly recommended


Lisa-Jane Davies

Another wonderful Ayurvedic healing treatment with Amba. I would not go anywhere else for my beauty and holistic treatments and cannot recommend enough 🙌 ❤


Linda Hull

Just experienced a holistic ayurvedic massage and steam for the first time. Deep and cleansing massage with wonderful herb infused warm oil, a special massage by a special lady. The steam bath was the icing on the cake! A transforming experience - will be returning and recommending Amba.


Pete Barlow

I have known Amba for a couple of years and have been going to healing and meditation sessions hosted by her. Through our conversations, she has helped me greatly to understand myself better and work through deep rooted issues. She is truly unique, a very kind and caring person

4 hands.jpeg

Toby Brocklehurst

I had my first excellent 4 handed (2 masseuses) Ayurvedic massage with Azhagi yesterday. It was an hour and 20 minutes of relaxation, detox and recharge. I felt so much better afterwards. I highly recommend it to anyone. I will be back soon.


Zara Dankou

Went in for a Chakra balance/massage treatment, really didn't know what to expect on my way in but i was absolutely blown away by the end of it. Amba was very good with her technique and took her time to get me to relax & open up to the exercises. The massage part of the treatment was very relaxing. Very good at what she does. It was overall an amazing experience & would definitely be revisiting soon.

preg massage.jpeg

Poonam Famelaer

I have been visiting Amba for nearly a year now. My first treatment was when I was pregnant and my lovely husband booked me in for a full body massage and she was amazing! She was so welcoming and knowledgeable. She took really good care of me and made me feel at ease and very relaxed. I now visit Amba regularly for issues with my back and find she is very good at understanding where the issue lies and how to treat it. Would highly recommend 👍🏽

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Noah B

Incredibly authentic and bespoke Ayurvedic treatments that meet all your mental and physical health needs. I’ve never looked back or would go anywhere else but here. I’ve travelled south India and Sri Lanka and nothing comes close to the wisdom and knowledge Amba has about Ayurvedic therapy.

mind body soul.jpeg

Jen Still

Amba came highly recommended by friends so I went for my first massage treatment - it was utterly amazing. The experience was very unique, Amba is intuitive, very knowledgeable about eastern medicine and left me feeling cleansed - mind, body and soul”



My coaching & Healing session with Amba Kali was one of the most healing and valuable experiences I have ever had. Amba was so warm and caring and I felt very comfortable opening up and sharing my deepest wounds with her. She asked deep reflective questions which immediately tapped me into the root issue of my dilemma.


Amba helped my confusion to dissipate, bringing clarity to my situation, and worked with me to establish a strategy in moving forward. She also made me aware of how I have been existing in my masculine and reminded me of the importance of nourishing my feminine energy.


I actually felt as though she allowed my dad's spirit to visit during this session so that just made it even more special.


I have managed to put these strategies in place in my personal life, even though I didn't think I could, consequently, I haven't felt such a massive shift as after 1.5 years and $160K in legal, I’ve finally been dismissed from the court case. 


I loved the way she contracted with me and asked permission along the way to ensure I felt comfortable at all times. I also liked the way Amba made me read out aloud my affirmation and new strategy, to consolidate action even further.


I highly recommend Amba's Vedic Tantra Coaching Approach.’



I was introduced to Amba in June 2019 following a number of major events which occurred in my life all at the same time… I left my partner of 20 years, I relocated back to Tunbridge Wells and I had a life changing accident which led to several major operations and resulted in the need for long term rehabilitation.


Before I met Amba I was consumed with pain, fear, and self doubt but with Amba’s support and guidance I have started to step into my own power and now I’m on my own spiritual journey to becoming a crystal healer. We all know the importance of exercise and looking after our external body, we all know the importance of healthy eating and looking after our internal body but I think that most of us tend to neglect how important it is to look after our spiritual self.


I believe that it’s just as important for me to invest in my spiritual well-being as it is to invest in my physical well-being so I compare a healing session with Amba as the same as a gym membership, attending a yoga class or eating healthy food. I describe Amba as my spiritual grandmother; she is always there for me, she loves me unconditionally, she nurtures me, she sees my potential, she encourages me and she celebrates my success. She isn’t there to do the work for me or to give me all the answers but she has an incredible way of creating a safe space for me so that I can work through my own issues and find my own answers in my own time.


Becoming spiritually aware is a personal journey that has taken time and has required a lot of inner work, it has often felt scary but this is why it’s so important for me to have someone like Amba there to guide and support me along the way. I wish that I had started this journey sooner because I feel like I’ve wasted time and energy focusing on self doubt when I could have been focusing on self love and creating the life I know I deserve. Thank you Amba 

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