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Goddess Healing/coaching

Are you experiencing a life where you feel you want something but are not able to achieve it?

Have you ever thought about what is getting in your way or what is stopping you or blocking you?

How do you think you can make that change?

Do you sense the fear of the unknown?


This is the time for you to come and explore a journey with me from fear to freedom, where you would be manifesting the life of your dreams through creativity.


Creativity is our natural state of mind and creativity happens in pleasure, not in pressure. Our body is a divine vessel that helps in creating anything we want. You must be aware of chakras and how they help us when they are aligned in our system? So I am here to take you on the journey of creativity and Divine manifestation with your own energy field. I will be here throughout the journey guiding you and supporting you to explore where the blocks are and work on them to move forward.


My work mainly deals with Divine sexual energy (also known as Kundalini) and now you must be wondering why sexual energy is needed for making a career change, manifesting a house, or person of your dreams, or money!


It's important as Kundalini is at the core of our existence. We are created from that sacral energy and that is where all our power resides. Past lives, memories, karmic relations, spirit attachments, soul contracts, ancestral curses, twin flame energy, everything you carry is within this chakra. It comes from the deep core roots of DNA and affects your confidence, courage, and creativity.


We all have pain, stuck energy which is unresolved grief, trauma & loss. So when you heal and unblock this stuck energy, you transform from dark into light and take your life to the next level. It is your choice and free will. This is important for people facing challenges in their lives.


If you want to improve health, love, wealth, knowledge, and longevity, if you need to reach a life goal but have a mental and spiritual blockage; our healing, coaching & mentorship helps you to achieve and maintain a balance between body, mind, spirit, and social wellbeing.


It is a holistic approach that is designed for your individual signature program. Because you matter, your story matters and we hear you, and help you heal, grow & transform. Turn Fear into Freedom. Work through unresolved issues and achieve equilibrium.




I mentor my clients to make improvements in their lives.
Sometimes it means a 5° adjustment, other times a 90° turn. My mission is to help people DO and BE their best, not just OK.

Do you have challenges you’ve been struggling with? I want to help you overcome them once and for all.

Do you have goals and dreams you’ve been just thinking about? I want to help you make it happen.

Sometimes I’m a “pure” coach guiding you to find the right answers, other times I’m a mentor bringing the tools and methods you need. I'm a healer that helps to transform energy, as energy can never be destroyed or created but only transformed.

I’m a versatile, methodical and practical coach with years of experience, a broad range of skills, and I help you discover exactly what's needed for you to get the results you want.


There’s no BS or sex involved. If that’s what you’re looking for, we’re not a good match. 


  • People who are ready to commit to improving their life.

  • People who are ready to put in the work.

  • People who are open-minded and willing to try new things.

  • People who are ready to invest in themselves.


  • People who are looking for a quick fix or magic bullet.

  • People who are not willing to take responsibility for their life.

  • People who think that things will get better without them changing something.

  • People who just want to try one or two sessions. (Refer to point 1).

  • Negative people.


While there is no magic bullet, I believe being mentored is a shortcut. The world’s top performers, athletes, and entrepreneurs all have mentors.

That’s not a coincidence.

When you work with an expert coach/mentor/healer, you get access to their guidance, knowledge and expertise, instead of spending valuable time figuring it out yourself.


This saves you a lot of time, money, and energy.

I’ve acquired multiple coaching & mentoring accreditations, but the results speak for themselves - I’ve helped over 200 clients make significant and often transformational improvements in their life.


Do you want to join them?

My point is: I’m serious about this and I bring it all into my work. So are you ready to give this your best shot? If so, the only question is: Are we the right match?

Let’s talk and find out.

This is very unique so it starts with Soul Contract Analysis

                          Starts from

£3640 when paid in advance


3x£1500 monthly instalments




(Up to 1.5 hours each)


Via Whatsapp, texts, or email for support such as:

– Accountability check-ins
– Daily Accountability Nudge
– Questions, feedback, and support
– Sharing your wins


DISC: Uncovers your behavior style and tendencies.

MOTIVATORS: Identifies what motivates you and how you’re being affected by it.


In depth assessment and healing rituals I’ve developed to help you identify which of the life values are most important to you, how well you’re (or not) aligned with them in your chakras, and design a plan to fulfill the ones that matter the most to you. Free access to special healing rituals monthly.



Reach out through the contact form and we can talk through all of the details, and explore how we'll tailor the sessions to suit you best, with no obligation to sign up!!


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