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Couple's Kundalini Massage

A woman is a mystery to

guide a wise and open man......

 Come together as a couple to spend quality time  for a day retreat or a 2 hour massage without day to day distractions.  Waken your shared passion; take time to reconnect in a calm and sensual setting guided by experienced  facilitators.


Kundalini is sanskrit for a coiled snake which in Hinduism is a form of divine feminine energy. Our two hour Shaiva Tantra massage experience is a spiritual liberation aimed at rediscovering the alpha and omega of your connection in a space where you get to share uninterrupted time and focus on just each other.  


You are met with oils and drinks with a short chat and meditation to start the journey. After the massage you are able to sit together with refreshments to connect and review your time.


The day or half day retreat is designed around your desires.  No experience is the same and is dictated by your energy.

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