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To stay physically healthy we all know that we have to exercise our bodies.  The same can be said about our spiritual health.  If we do not exercise our spiritual body we are unable to clear blockages or overcome traumas that will hold us back in life.

At Azhagi Healing we will facilitate a spiritual healing mentorship that will enable you to work through your traumas and achieve equilibrium within your life.  The traumas you carry are not only collected in your lifetime but date back to your ancestors.  We will facilitate ancestral journeys and healings.  You will learn to walk strong and believe in your purpose.  This is not a one off quick fix as life throws many curve balls but Amba Kali will work with you at each stage.  

Each client's need is different and the programme is designed to meet your unique requirements.  Contact Amba Kali to find out how this journey will benefit your spiritual growth. 

Who will benefit from a Healing Mentorship: 


This is important for people facing challenges in their lives – difficulty in their relationships, divorce, breakup, unresolved past relationship,  family issues, external marital affairs, love affairs, trying to meet the right person or a history of failed relationships. Are you attempting to find the right career; at a crossroads in your professional life or at a loss as to what would suit your talents or skills? Financial issues: those who are struggling to meet monthly expenses or pay off debts or money management or money issues. Mental health issues: finding a balance in life and creating harmony in life. Dealing with specific issues of trauma; anxiety, grief, shame, anger, depression and conflict. Health and Wellness issues: gut issues, overeating; poor nutrition; compulsive dieting; arthritis; inflammatory diseases; ADHD and learning disorders. Spiritual issues: finding the deeper meaning of life; intuition; concentration and meditation meeting and awakening spirit guides. Accessing divine messages.


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