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At Azhagi we design treatments using ancient traditional healing methods specifically tailored to the individual need.  Our focus is on helping people facing challenges in their lives.  It maybe difficulties in your relationships: family issues, finding it difficult to meet the right person or a history of failed relationships.  Are you trying to find the right career; at a crossroads in your professional life or at a loss as to what would suit your talents or skills.  Financial issues: those who are struggling to meet monthly expenses or pay off debts or money management or money issues.  Mental health issues:  finding a balance and creating harmony in life.  Dealing with specific issues of trauma; anxiety, grief, shame, anger, depression and conflict.  Health and Wellness issues:  gut issues, overeating; poor nutrition; compulsive dieting; arthritis; inflammatory diseases; ADHD and learning disorders.   Spiritual issues:  finding the deeper meaning of life; intuition; concentration and meditation meeting and awakening spirit guides.  Accessing divine messages

The very most important thing to us is that you receive the best results for your individual needs.  If you’re unsure of the right path for you,  book in for a free 15-minute consultation with Su Ram.

Rock Maze

Spiritual Mentorship

We offer individually designed therapies to clear your physical and spiritual pain.   Book a one off Ayurvedic Massage or sign up to our Mentorship guidance package



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